Understanding Purpose-Driven Use of Location Sharing Services

    Type: Bachelor Master UROP
    Status: Draft

    So-called “geosocial” applications allow one to share one’s current location with friends, families, or even the public. This project investigates how the particular location sharing functionalities of a geosocial app, namely continuous, proximity-based and ad-hoc sharing, affect its actual use in daily life. To this end, we drew up a Location Sharing Acceptance Model (LSAM) that comprises user acceptance factors for location sharing from previous works, and conducted its initial validation by means of a 4-week study involving 36 participants where we collected survey data and actual application use. In a second step, we now seek to validate these findings in a larger follow-up study, conducted via a crowdsourcing platform. This requires a highly motivated student that is (a) willing to learn about survey research and the statistical models involved, and (b) devises, creates, conducts, and analysis a crowdsourcing study using an online survey platform.

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