Uncovering needs and requirements for data sharing activities in sports

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    Type: Master
    Status: Completed August 2015
    Student: Nadeen Alkaydi

    Digital cameras, mobile phones, portable music players, activity trackers, and similar devices make creating, uploading, and interacting with digital content easier today than ever before. Users are increasingly interested in sharing content across computers and devices and across an ever-increasing number of online platforms (e.g, YouTube, Facebook, Google Docs, Instagram) that make data potentially available anywhere.

    The proposed master thesis aims to discover needs and requirements of sportspeople for sharing activity-related personal data, both biometrical and non-biometrical. We invite a master student to conduct an empirical study within the extended USI community, encompassing students, their families and friends. The student should focus on comparing sharing requirements and practices across different sport activities (e.g. runners vs alpine skiers), document differences in sharing habits. The ultimate research question to be answered is: How do sportspeople practices and the context of an activity influence the communication needs and practices of sharing digital sports-related data?

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