The Human Dash Cam: A Human Memory Prosthesis in the Era of Ubiquitous Computing

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    Type: Bachelor Master UROP
    Status: Draft
    Student: TBA

    The goal of this project is to develop a mobile app that collects continuously pics and contextual info from any possible source (e.g., a wearable camera, a smartwatch) and makes it immediately accessible to the user in a “messenger style” UI (i.e. using bubbles on the screen) that stacks context up to a 5 min buffer. When something “significant” happens, the user can go back and revisit the most recent pics/data captured and augment the data explicitly by adding tags, or by semi-automatically adding further context information (e.g., add GPS data, people vicinity as indicated by Bluetooth, or one’s emotional state as measured by a medical wristband). The so-tagged “memory” will be moved to storage directory, where meaningful events are stored. Eventually, this will form part of a larger endeavor to help people to better remember the significant moments in their day. This project requires excellent mobile development skills, and the willingness to quickly learn novel APIs that allow one to connect the mobile phone to wireless devices, such as a medical wristband (Empatica E3) or a wearable camera (Narrative Clip2). All hardware will be provided.

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