Table Tennis Paddle Detection Library for Microsoft Kinect

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Type: Bachelor
Status: Completed June 2011
Student: Fabio Rambone

The commercial introduction of a technology as the Microsoft Kinect at its relatively low cost continues the rev- olution of how humans can interact with Computers. This revolution has originated with the Nintendo Wii, allowing a user to interact with the a system with hand gestures through a controller called “WiiMote”. The WiiMote is held in one hand and through the use of an accelerometer and optical sensors it is capable of motion sensing.

The Microsoft Kinect brought these capabilities to a new level, eliminating the need of a hand-held controller and allowing a precise position detection of the user in 3D space. This evolution extended greatly the possibilities of such a device from simple video games to much more, including its usage in virtual reality simulation. The goal of this bachelor project is to implement a table tennis paddle detection and tracking library for the Mi- crosoft Kinect. Which in turn will be used to make a realistic virtual table tennis application.

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Randolf Schärfig