Roaming Objects – Object-encoded Digital Experiences

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Type: UROP
Status: Completed August 2016
Student: Lucas Pennati

In the era of Internet of Things traditionally “disconnected” objects such as household items, domestic electronics and even vehicles will have their own unique identity and can be addressed through the Web anywhere, anytime. With the advent of “sharing economy” services those objects could be easily found and shared among users (e.g., book sharing, Once shared the object provides a unique experience with a borrower, often could be described with a story. Remember, those checkout cards from the library, that indicates a name of a previous owner? The character of the Miyazaki’s ”Whisper of the heart” turned this simple discovery into a fascinating quest. Using this metaphor we would like to embed a digital tag (e.g. using NFC, QR code, augmented reality marker less tracking) on a “roamed” physical objects. The tags could be addressed digitally through a mobile phone or a web interface. Within the SHARING21 research project, we are looking into new ways of supporting sharing both digital information and physical objects. The bachelor project require to setup a mechanism to add, browse and retrieve digital experiences encoded into physical objects. Those experiences can be represented in form of textual, media or contextual (e.g. location, weather, mood) information associated with the object.

Strong Web programming skills required, basic iOS programming skills an asset. All hardware will be provided.

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