Re-Live the Moment: Visualizing Run Experiences to Motivate Future Exercises

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Type: UROP
Status: Completed August 2014
Student: Jesper Findahl

Contemporary psychology theory emphasizes that people are more likely to achieve planned behavior if they are reminded of previous good experiences of that behavior. Within the EU research project RECALL, we are investigating the effect of past memories on behavior change, i.e. make people run more by reminding them the fun moments they experienced during their previous run activities.

This project focuses on existing technological improvements in data collection (advanced mobile and wearable sensors) and data visualization in order to create an experimental prototype for capturing and visualizing ones physical activities. The outcome will be an an Android app that records one’s physical workouts in the form of pictures and music one was listening to at the time, and, process those data to create a slide show of the experience.

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