Public Displays for Monitoring and Improving Community Wellbeing

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Type: Bachelor
Status: Completed June 2016
Student: Matteo Piergiovanni

Public displays are becoming a common encounter in our daily landscape. They are usually embedded into their surrounding environment, such as shopping malls, museums, and universities. However, majority of the current display systems present static content in the form of advertisements, discounts, or upcoming events that attract little or no attention of their intended audience.

In order to make public displays more appreciated in their environment, previous research has proposed to open the displays to a wide range of sensors, applications, and user-contributed content. As such, this thesis involves the design, development and deployment of a public display app that utilizes a web camera situated on a public display for providing in-situ heart rate (HR) measurements. Users will simply launch the HR monitor app on a public display, use the interface and get informed about their current HR levels. This will allow USI students to share their HR levels within the USI community, raise awareness about stress problems, and ultimately benefit the USI community wellbeing, without relying on specialized hardware such as smart watches and smart wristbands.

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