Group Activity Journal – Shared Feed for Outdoor Sports

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    Type: Bachelor Master UROP
    Status: Draft

    Skiing and snowboarding are highly social activities. Winter enthusiasts capture and share vast amount of pictures and videos during outdoor vacations. To support information exchange among groups of skiers and snowboarders we propose a group daily feed that could be automatically populated with media, POIs, and contextual and statistical details of the skiing activity, and which would be accessible online through a mobile phone app or a web-page. The feed would show user-captured events and present them on a timeline. Events could be added instantly via a simple tap using a smartwatch and/or using mobile phone interface. Following the recent trend in instant messaging services such as Snapchat or iMessage, where a message can expire after some time, we would like to associate an expiration tag to any events added to the feed. This “group feed” populated by custom events of participants could be used as a trip report or a blog to create a narrative about ski vacations for the group members. The feed would be automatically shared among participants with an option to grant access to external observers who want to follow a particular participant or the entire group in near real time.

    Basic iOS programming skills required, strong Web programming skills an asset. Hardware such as a mobile phone and a smartwatch will be provided.

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