FunSquare: The Community Interface

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Type: Bachelor
Status: Completed June 2011
Student: Andrea Michelotti

Today, with the upcoming of social networks, chats and other communication tools, the world is becoming smaller and all kinds of communications are faster and easier. On the other hand, these technologies reduced the “face-to- face” encounters. FunSquare and its Community Interface will create a unique technological tool that will facilitate social interactions between strangers, acquaintances and friends in a public context.

FCI is an interface system that selects from a database and displays a FunFact, allows the user to leave a feedback or a comment and provides “bookmarking” services for each fact. The most important challenge was to implement a User Interface capable of attract people and develop a fluent and fast interface system, avoiding annoying waits and lags.

FunSquare is now a completely functional public-display application provided with a Community Interface capa- ble of attract people and prompt them to interact with the application itself, alone or together with other people.

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