Evaluating Secure Personal Memory Sharing with Co-Located People

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    Type: Master
    Status: Completed February 2018
    Student: Jacob Jeyara

    Using smartphones and wearable devices people now can fully log their life in pictures, audio or even video recordings. Such data – “life-logs” – can help evoke past memories and potentially improve our overall cognitive abilities. One interesting opportunity in highly networked environments is the ability to share parts of one’s life-logs with others, in order to benefit from recordings of each-other (e.g., by having access to a third person view of oneself in a meeting). In order to avoid any privacy violations, life-logs should only be shared with co-located people – as soon as people leave or join the meeting, the exchange of lifelogs should be stopped or initiated, respectively. In prior work we have designed an initial prototype of this system, running on several Nexus 5X smartphones. The aim of this project is to evaluate the Android app – called ‘MemShare’, in order to understand usability requirements and use, and to further refine the overall system (including the backend server and web-based control and inspection tools) based on collected feedback and observed use. This project required a highly motivated student that will co-design, develop, and trial the MemShare system. Basic Android programming skills and willingness to learn about human subject research required; knowledge of human-computer interaction methodologies and visual design skills are a plus.

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