Creating an Experimental Apparatus for a Digital Health Literacy Experiment

    Type: Bachelor
    Status: Completed January 2021
    Student: Robert Jans

    The faculty of communication science is planning an experiment to investigate the digital health literacy of participants in the area of sleeping disorders. As part of this project, we are seeking a student to help implement the experimental apparatus that will allow the research team to record data and test its hypotheses.

    Specifically, this Bachelor projects has three main tasks

    1. Spidering and indexing (e.g., using Apache Solr/Lucene) a pre-defined set of website that provide sleeping disorder information as an experimental corpus
    2. Creating a Google-like search interface to the corpus that can be configured to selectively show/rank different sets of corpus sites, according to the experimental conditions under investigation
    3. Setting up an experimental environment (e.g., using the SafeExamBrowser) to conduct controlled experiments using the corpus (e.g., to prevent participants from accessing non-corpus sites) and to record salient data (e.g., search logs, clickstream)

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