A Visualization Tool for Smartphone-acquired Activity Traces

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    Type: Bachelor Master UROP
    Status: Draft

    Every day we spend an increasing amount of time interacting with our smartphones, while chatting, checking e-mails or simply browsing the web. Even if smartphone usage is highly segmented, it nevertheless results in a considerable volume of personal data, such us call, text, app and GPS logs, pictures, videos etc. This combined with the strong habit-forming aspect of mobile devices can reveal precious insights of one’s daily life and habits. However, what is particularly intriguing is the potential of such information to support memory recall. For example, it has been found that selfies hold a significant amount of visual cues that can lead to richer recollections. This bachelor project should create a smartphone app to collect and visualize one’s day through the lens of smartphone activity, e.g., GPS traces, SMS and call logs, slide-ins, USB dockings, app invocations, etc.). Aggregated data should be clustered and visualized in different ways (e.g. along a timeline). Basic Android programming skills required, strong Web programming skills an asset. Strong interest in visualization a plus. Data collection will be done using an existing mobile phone collection framework such as funf.

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