We are always looking for talented individuals who want to join our team! If you are interested in joining us as a postdoctoral fellow or PhD student, read more about current projects and recent publications to get a feel for the kind of research we are doing.

PhD applications must go through the official PhD Student Application Procedure, which solicits applications twice a year (November 1st and May 1st). Admission is very competitive, and applicants are required to have completed a Masters in Informatics or a closely related discipline prior to joining the program. Contact us if you are considering to apply!

If you are interested in a Postdoc position, we expect that you have published at least one first-author paper in a major international journal or at a major international conference. In your application, please outline which projects you are particularly interested in and why your qualifications make you a good fit. Applications should be sent by email to Prof. Langheinrich.

We offer:

  • stimulating research environment: USI features the largest Faculty of Informatics of all cantonal Universities in Switzerland!
  • competitive stipends/salaries: all of our positions are fully funded!
  • excellent living conditions in a small but cosmopolitan city with Mediterranean flair!




About Switzerland

From Juergen Schmidhuber’s Switzerland page: “Switzerland is a good place for scientists. It is the origin of special relativity (1905) and the World Wide Web (1990), is associated with 105 Nobel laureates, and boasts far more Nobel prizes per capita than any other nation. It also has the world’s highest number of publications per capita, the highest number of patents per capita, the highest citation impact factor, the most cited single-author paper, the biggest and most expensive machine ever, etc.”

According to the IMD World Competitiveness Center, Switzerland is one of the most competitive business places in the world (ranked 2nd behind Hong Kong in 2016). Competitiveness is important as “it determines how countries, regions and companies manage their competencies to achieve long-term growth, generate jobs and increase welfare”. Switzerland also regularly features 2 of the 10 most livable cities (source: Mercer Consulting), and is one of the two happiest nations in the world (#2 in 2016), according to the Happiness Foundation.

About Lugano

LuganoFrom Switzerland Tourism: “Lugano, the largest town in the holiday region of Ticino, is not only Switzerland’s third most important financial centre and a conference, banking and business centre, but also a town of parks and flowers, villas and sacred buildings. Lugano lies in a bay on the northern side of Lake Lugano, surrounded by numerous mountains offering splendid viewpoints. The traffic-free historic town centre, the numerous buildings in Italianate Lombardy style, the exclusive museums, the mountains, lake and a packed calendar of events all invite visitors to see the sights, soak up the atmosphere – and enjoy “dolce far niente”.”

Be sure to check out the cool Lugano Videos and other multimedia materials on Lugano and surroundings at Lugano Tourism!