Fintech Seminar

This seminar features speakers from a range of backgrounds (practitioners and researchers, entrepreneurs and representatives from large financial institutions) offering insights into the current trends and topics in Fintech. Students will use a set of references as a starting point for an in-depth term paper on a topic covered by a speaker, and complete the report with additional information from the speaker’s presentation.

Past/current speakers include representatives from UBS, Avaloq, Melonport, Tendermint, EY, and the University of Pavia.

Teaching Mode

Seminar speakers will present for 45-60 minutes, followed by 30-45 minutes of Q&A. The presenters will provide a list of references at the beginning of the semester, allowing students to seed their report with an overview of current research in the area.



ClassSemesterInstructorTeaching Assistant(s)
Fintech Seminar 2018Fall

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