Field Project (MMI)

    The Field Project consists in a consultancy study on behalf of a firm, conducted by a group of 2-3 students under the supervision of a professor (“tutor”) for a standard duration of 4 months.

    The aim of the Field Project is to provide students with:

    • experience in project management
    • contact with a real “client”
    • experience in group projects (mixed groups!)
    • It is meant to provide a bridge between theoretical and practical knowledge.

    The field project is carried out during the 3rd semester of the Master in Management and Informatics program, from September to mid-December. Students work on the project in parallel with the regular study program.


    ClassSemesterInstructorTeaching Assistant(s)
    MMI Field Project 2018Fall
    MMI Field Project 2017Fall
    MMI Field Project 2016Fall
    MMI Field Project 2015Fall
    Mauro Pezzè
    Alberto Goffi
    MMI Field Project 2014Fall

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