Just Share It – Smartphone App to Support Sharing Physical Objects

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Type: Bachelor
Status: Available

Many persons are willing to contribute to the community by sharing objects they own, such as household items, tools and media items. For example in Switzerland an online service pumpipumpe.ch provides a set of stickers for a mailbox to let neighbors see what things one can borrow. However, the service does not specify how sharing of those items can be arranged. Just Share It is an application that provides this service by connecting lenders and borrowers in an easy way. A potential lender provides information about objects that he is willing to lend. The application provides an easy way for the borrower to find the items he is interested in. Once the borrower has found the item, the application provides a way for the lender and the borrower to communicate and come to an arrangement. In order to maintain a positive and friendly environment, Just Share It will provide means by which users can build up trust. For example, the application should allow the borrower to leave a short feedback about the experience with the item in the form of a blurb and a picture. Within the SHARING21 research project, we are looking into new ways of supporting sharing both digital information and physical objects. The goal of this bachelor project implement the Just Share It application on a mobile platform.

Strong Web programming skills required, basic iOS programming skills an asset. Hardware such as a mobile phone and a smartwatch will be provided.

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